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Behind the scenes
We thought it might be interesting to give you a little peep behind the scenes of Rachel Ellen........
With 25 highly skilled staff in house and investment in equipment, it has enabled us to produce 98% of our products entirely in Nottingham.  We have just purchased the latest Applemac computers, scanners, photo studio and printers which in addition to our cutting and creasing and wiro binding machines give us the ability to create many products from concept to final delivery. Not only is this unique, it yields many benefits in the production process, the ability to turn around customer orders quickly, to interchange single cards within running sheets even change text to other languages  In addition, without relying on third party warehousing we can really make sure our customers' needs are met with the greatest flexibility and to the highest quality. With everything under one roof it gives Rachel full control of quality and allows her to experiment with new ideas for future products.

There are a minimum fourteen basic procedures which include; concept (which is the longest) through artwork, reproduction, printing, and cutting etc. These are carried out to a very high standard by our staff.

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